Chairman's Message

Dear Partners and Friends,

Our long-lasting and significant experience in awning systems, allows us to fully comprehend both your needs and the needs of final consumers. We are inspired to design and create new products not only to fulfill the customers’ needs, but in order to create new horizons in awning systems. Proof of our extroversion and innovation is our long-term collaborations with some of the most significant international companies, which lead the developments in awning systems. Our concern is to offer some of the most innovative, high-quality, functional, avant-garde products.
We are able to fulfill all customers’ needs with high aesthetics and high quality products. Our ambition is to continue to grow and develop, while maintaining our faith in human relationships with our colleagues and clients. These relationships are based on trust, reliability, understanding and providing the best services and solutions in any difficult case.
The legacy we are committed to keep is these human relationships with our colleagues and customers. We grew up in a company, a family, with this strong belief: “Above all human”.
Our website was created as another step to contact and communicate with you. We will keep you posted on any of our news. We always are and will be by your side whatever you need.

Themistocles Apostolopoulos
Chairman of the Board