Human Resources

Our employees are a critical factor in our success. We understand that we are in a globalized and ever-changing environment, and recognize that our ability to adapt is based on our exceptionally skilled and highly effective workforce.

We aim to strengthen teamwork and cooperation of all departments in order to achieve the goals and growth of the company.

The workforce of our company comprises of:

  • Scientific staff in all departments of the company
  • Trained technical personnel responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Trained workforce with extensive experience in developing all forms

Furthermore, we recognize that a constantly evolving workforce can give the business a competitive advantage, and accordingly we promote continuing career development for our employees to strengthen creativity and innovation, to the mutual benefit of both the company and the individual, by developing their existing skills and talents. In particular, production department personnel receive ongoing in-house training with respect to the requirements of ISO standard 9001:2008 in order to ensure maximum productivity and optimum product quality.