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Acrylic COATING against infection.
Width: 120cm
Weight: 290gr/s.m.
Resistance to color UV: 7-8 to 8
water proof:> 370mm minimum
Tear Strength: warp 4Dan & Warp 2,3Dan
Tention Strength: warp 140Dan & 90Dan

Innovative treatment PERMACLEAN for waterproofing, cleaning and protection from UV radiation.

A new generation treatment for awning fabric, claengard uses an ultra modern procedure to protect outdoor fabric : the NPP(Nanotechnology Protection Process).
This state of the art technology, based on an assembly of extremely dence nanomolecules, creates a real barrier against water and repels the dirt long term. The clengard treatment brings to Dickson awning fabric a maximum water repellancy (5/5 spray test) and an exceptional water resistancy (350mm on the water column test).

This approval certifies that the acrylic canvases with waterproofing treatment are non toxic. The tests prove the absence of smell, carcinogenic colourings, volatile components or even pesticides in the fabrics.

ISO 9001 certified