Pergolas | Pergosystem® Alpha

Pergosystem Alpha is a pergola-type awning of high quality and design, leading technology and ergonomic design. With a wide range of models, which is continuously updated and enhanced, it gives solution to any need for shading, protects from UV rays and high temperatures, provides complete protection from rain and high resistance to strong winds. The extremely convenient installation, combined with the expertise of Alpha Company, gives solution to covering areas with unusual dimensions or shapes. The structure made from aluminum provides high durability, while giving a huge variety in the selection of the color. In addition, a wide range of fabrics are given, in order to achieve a high aesthetic result, in full harmony with the environment that is installed. Moreover, the versatility of the construction allows the installation of crystal fabric or glass systems, forming a fully protected area from weather conditions , providing full visibility of the landscape and creating a space that can be enjoyed all year. Finally, the optional LED-technology lighting system offers economical lighting of the covered area, enhancing the elegance of the construction and contributes to a warm and beautiful atmosphere.