Verti Cristal


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It is a functional vertical system with cristal pvc, which protects against rain and wind. Includes housing which is wrapped the cristal pvc and side guides with brush, which allows the cristal pvc to "rolls" comfortable and is always taut. The maximum dimension of coverage is 4.80 m x 3.00 m. The metal parts are electrostatically painted in white color. The move is made by hand or electric crank.


Verti Cristal

Verti Cristal

Max width: 5,00m
Max length: 3,00m















POWDER COATING (on Production)


PVC Sunblock by Dickson for Pergosystem®

dickson specs

Pergosystem Alpha Series introduce a solid and robust awning system, following the European Union safety standards. Marked with CE-marking (UNI EN 13561).

Due to the extreme weather conditions, all original Pergosystem® Alpha products are made with inox steel parts, in order to succeed excellent durability.

From selecting raw materials, parts and accessories, to production, sales and customer service, quality is the key-word for every process in Alpha.

Alpha products are known for the ergonomy, safety and unique quality. The are characterized by a unique serial number and identified by a 3D brand hologram mark.

Alpha's human resources department, with a great experience in awning systems, is always at your disposal to inform, serve and find the perfect solution to every request for shading.

Coloring the system in any RAL of your choice, combined with the wide range of colors and textures of Dickson's blockout fabrics, gives you the ultimate desirable result, in harmony with your personal space, making your Pergosystem unique.